I'm Federico I was born and raised in Monferrato, with love and passion I cultivate my vineyards and produce the wines of our land: Barbera, Grignolino, Freisa and Nebbiolo. The white berried varieties are added to the autochthonous vines: Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Arneis.

the cellar

the goal is to highlight the potential of our territory. The altitude and the composition of our white lands give the wines: great structure, elegance and longevity.

The refinement
in oak barrel

for superior wines it is important but never prevalent, it must always be the grape variety that expresses itself in the glass.

the protagonist


of our territory is certainly the Barbera d'Asti of which I produce 2 versions, one fresher and more immediate the other more concentrated and full-bodied which after aging in wood boasts the superior wording


Nebbiolo has always been present in Monferrato and on the high hills around Albugnano it has found a perfect habitat to express itself at its best.

to my grandfather

a special place in my production is reserved for grignolino, even if we are outside the historical area of the d.o.c. it was the wine of my grandfather Bertin who had planted it in the early 1970s. It is a wine that is never predictable with a splendid bright ruby colour, very fragrant and pleasant throughout the meal.

I feel
first and foremost a winemaker


I dedicate most of my time to the vineyard and my greatest satisfaction is to obtain beautiful and healthy grapes, the only starting point for obtaining wines of the highest quality.

la degustazione


We are at your disposal from Monday to Sunday, upon reservation.